Alexandre Trauner, 50 ans de cinema

Trauner et Prevert a Saint Paul de Vence
Trauner and Prévert in Saint Paul de Vence

Welcome to Alexandre Trauner's exhibition

Through its outstanding collection of paintings drawings and photographs, the exhibition retraces Alexandre Trauner's prestigious career, which has been, and remains, a long and inseparable thread in the history of the cinema.

"Forcing perspective, curving straight lines ( and straightening curves ) especially effective in special effect, TRAUNER can adapt his painting to thousands of forms of cinema trickery. Even thought they hide countless cinematographic sorceries, his layouts are and remain the work of a painter. And what a painter"

"Of course, if it were up to me , he would never make another picture again . The time has come when he should be teaching . It would not be fair if a man so uniquely blessed with all that talent and wisdom and expertise did not share it with future generations of film makers . And if he ever does , I want to be the first one enroll
I want to listen the master"

"I had certainly seen a lot of it on film, and now I began to understand his artistry. Even on the tiniest of stages he can create perspectives that can be realized by the construction workers, i. e. they are practical paintings and drawings . But unlike many scenic designers, he goes far beyond just being an architect"

This web site only shows a small part of the real exhibition:
Photos he did in Dublin,
Paintings and drawing are in his filmography
A short biography

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